Jenny Durkan Hates You (unless you’re a rich fascist or terrorist cop)

Jenny Durkan could have ended the Seattle protests the same night they began, by ordering police to adopt a non-confrontational posture. This wouldn’t solve the problem of police brutality but it would be a tremendous gesture indicating that the problem is acknowledged and that it will be addressed by structural reforms in the near future. This would go a long way to ease tensions with the community and isolate looters and other bad faith actors. Durkan, however, has continually permitted and defended a hostile police posture by framing the larger issue as a need to defend against an insurgency, same as her Republican counterparts. This is highly alarming, and totally unacceptable.
While protest objectives have not been clearly articulated and broadcast in a legal vernacular, perhaps for the obvious divisions created by competing bullhorns in the protest crowd, they are not enigmatic and it wouldn’t difficult for someone like Durkan to build public faith towards the expectation of reform. Real concessions, however, may compromise Durkan’s support from powerful stakeholders in “Surveillance Capitalism,” a growing, fascist system of unaccountable governance.
So far, Durkan has performed as if it’s her objective to preserve the illegitimate powers of a terrorist system of policing, which protects a system of business based on total surveillance, diametrically opposed to democracy. Seattle police could have dropped riot gear and joined protesters to alienate looters and mythical “bad-apple” cops. To Durkan directly, why not order cops en masse to engage protesters one on one, to promote a healthy exchange of perspective? Truly, why hasn’t this happened? Why are you inappropriately sowing division by blaming insurgent white men for unrest that you have the power to avoid? As one crowd, police and protester could have, and would have, protected Seattle from property damage carried out by bad faith actors. Durkan, you are not allowing that to happen, why?
Seattle police have remained in a confrontational posture since the outset of these protests, and they’ve deliberately engaged in tactics known to createchaos. Chaos, as we’ve seen, provides cover for bad faith actors to carry out violence and destruction, and destruction and violence provides context for the further militarization of forces. Why is Durkan committed to creating the conditions for bad faith actors to thrive? How will that help to ease legitimate tensions? We know Durkan’s course will help advance the power of fascism over democracy. So, should we view Durkan as incompetent or hostile to democracy? Given what we’ve seen on the ground, it seems generous to suggest incompetence.  
       Furthermore, Durkan reveals her disdain for Seattle’s values by toting around Police Chief Carmen Best as if Best were little more than fodder for Durkan’s calculated treachery. Best is a black female, which holds symbolic significance in progressive discourse. In America, a black female is someone who’s hurt by society by the features of our institutional structure, not someone who hurts others by the features of their privilege. In this sense, Carmen Best is perhaps the least capable person of representing Seattle Police, given that SPD remains committed to a posture that promotes conflict by forecasting their capacity for violence from a position of structured privilege. It appears that Best, who I know nothing about, has either lost control of her forces or is lying, like Durkan, about her commitment to restore order.
Finally, the corona virus has compromised the function of our justice system, which has raised some important questions about the basic administration of justice. What will happen to people arrested during the protests? This is not at all clear. Will those detained be subject to indefinite military detention, if our idiot president uses lawfare to label protesters as terrorists? Or will their cases be adjudicated by trade-secret algorithms written by firms invested in the destruction of our democracy? Durkan has left these questions open while allowing the police posture for war. In conclusion, unless she changes course TODAY, Jenny Durkan is unfit for office. Resign or concede, Durkan!

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