Five Paragraphs on Violence at CHOP

By Futureman

What if we did abolish police? Not to become lawless but to make room for something new. Media has reported “CHAZ” as if it were a deliberate case study for police-less society but CHAZ didn’t ask for that. Nor did CHAZ ask to be born or named, though it was, so it took charge of its own fate and became CHOP, among other things. And as it currently stands, it’s far less clear that CHOP failed to prove the advantage of abolishing police than it is that police succeeded to prove their harm.

In its “defense” of Seattle, and in particular the East Precinct – while operating at or near capacity and, in turn, demonstrating command intent and control, training, culture, mindset, resources, capabilities and values – Seattle Police confirmed they’re unfit for duty on the basis of extreme incompetence. That’s being quite generous, really. If, on the other hand, I withheld my generosity and suddenly became enamored with “facts” and “law and order” to judge their performance as the manifestation of deliberate intent, I’d recognize the Seattle Police Department as a terrorist organization hostile to the constitution of the United States of America. That’s right. In May and June, 2020, the Seattle Police Department demonstrated it’s capacity as a highly organized, well-equipped terrorist entity by actively engaging in political violence against the American people for their ideological hatred of American freedom. That’s not bombastic at all, that’s literally what happened.

SPD’s brutality has been tolerated and rationalized in the past but things are different now. We have Big Data, for one, which means we get to make decisions deliberately from a position of knowledge and calm. But, let’s be honest, it’s not like we were ever ignorant about the question at hand, whether or not we should have militarized police reliably killing over a thousand citizens per year. We’ve never been confused on that question and we’re not going to be threatened with the possibility of not having what we don’t want, as it appears violence continues to be driven towards the CHOP from the control station at the center of the panopticon. That’s speculation. Here’s what we know: We all live on earth, we only escape tragedy by luck and we’ll all die. We’ll be just fine without “Officer Friendly” (who is not, really, friendly at all), his suppressed M-4 carbine and his warrior mindset.

In the meantime, as we transition between systems, let’s not pretend like the violence at CHOP is unrelated to its birth. And let’s also not pretend that the birth of CHOP is some manifestation of protester intent. SPD voluntarily withdrew from Capital Hill. Then they stayed away and launched a propaganda campaign with support from corporate media partners or pals or whatever. It’s their nonsense not ours, that CHOP was a worthy test case for a post-pig future. Of course, the reality is that CHOP is not even remotely representative of society at rest, but that’s the point isn’t it? The second CHOP was born it became an object of intense interest to warring political factions. Carmen Best and Jenny Durkan elevated the stakes of this conflict by withholding services and letting that tension unfold as it did. I knew this would happen and I warned about it a few posts back, see “CHAZ is a Trap.” Now, with so much laid so bare, Best and Durkan need to be immediately removed from leadership positions before they cause Seattle even greater harm. Because this won’t end until SPD is brought to heal, nor should it.

Across the country, we’re seeing militarized police carrying out political violence against peaceful protesters. The power that police have realized, as a culturally monolithic entity apart from broader society and beyond the rule of law, is completely opposed to the spirit of our most sacred political values and the written language of the US constitution. To the extent that police oppose our political freedoms, they wish righteous destruction upon themselves. FUCK THE POLICE! The stakes are too high to ignore the facts, as avoidable violence continues to play out in real life for the calculated ineptitude of our local leaders. We must press harder, Harder and HARDER until we succeed to disband SPD and disrupt, once and for all, the institutional memory that’s subverted previous reform efforts. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

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