Police Make the Strongest Argument for Defunding Police

When I say “defund the police” I mean completely. And by police I mean the specific organizations overseeing “law enforcement” tasks out on the streets. I mean, I don’t expect the horrors of the world to vanish in turn. But, let’s not kid ourselves either, a real security plan for a healthy society includes very […]

President of Seattle Police Officers Guild Confirms the Delusion of an Entire Vocation in Local Interview

By Futureman Omari, who needs no introduction in Seattle, interviewed the president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, Mike Solan, yesterday, Wednesday, July 10th. It was frustrating to watch. I wanted to see Solan loosen his collar while getting grilled under Omari’s Hot-Lamp of Truth but mostly Solan just seemed as frustrated as I was […]

My First Revolution

This is the story of my first “revolution.” It was an impromptu revolution, in response to being pushed up against the wall by market forces. Ultimately, it failed to deliver change. It did, however, unexpectedly reveal the power of the written word and the coercive nature of truth. What follows is a short story that […]

Five Paragraphs on Violence at CHOP

By Futureman What if we did abolish police? Not to become lawless but to make room for something new. Media has reported “CHAZ” as if it were a deliberate case study for police-less society but CHAZ didn’t ask for that. Nor did CHAZ ask to be born or named, though it was, so it took […]

What Is The Economy & What Are “Economics”

By Futureman The economy is the system we use to extract, develop and distribute natural resources from the earth to sustain human life. “Economics,” as the term is known around town, is a set of arguments used to justify withholding critical resources, such as food, housing or healthcare, on the basis of maintaining a “favorable […]

CHOP Last Night, and What Tomorrow Holds For Me

 By Futureman Last night, June 21st, I joined the nightly protest that walks from CHOP to SPD’s West Precinct in downtown Seattle and back. We stopped on I-5 for something like an hour as we made our return. Washington State Patrol, I assume, because I’d seen them staged on the freeway in days prior, blocked […]

Dave Chappelle’s New Thing Is Terrifying

By Futureman I said it wasn’t a “bombastic claim” to call the police terrorists. I wrote that here, a week or two ago. I’ve spent my time since trying to convince myself that I was, in fact, being bombastic. I’m prone to overreaction. Like recently I’ve suspected that the government’s trained local crows against me […]


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